Ways to Engage Your Email Subscribers

Ways to Engage Your Email Subscribers

Email communications are great in engaging subscribers. On the other hand, email marketing campaigns do not always achieve the desired results. You could have a huge number of subscribers in your list, but only 4% may possibly open your email. You could create lots of email marketing campaigns but still have very low responses from your subscribers. 

In this guide, we shared some effective ways to help improve your email marketing and email communications in order to keep your subscribers actively engaged and interested in what you have to offer.

1. Remove Idle Subscribers.

Some big organizations remove up to 30,000 subscribers each quarter of the year in order to keep an open rate of 40%. Although most organizations collect as many subscribers they can, you also need to think about the quality of your subscriber email list. Take for example, you have a list size of about 160,000 subscribers with an open rate of just 4% which is pretty poor. Your team will spend quality time segmenting and engaging with idle subscribers, notwithstanding their lack of interest. 

Consider your revenue, CTA clicks, conversion rates, and also your open rates. If you only concentrate on converting highly-engaged readers rather than idle subscribers, you will have improved engagement rates, reduced email provider costs, and improved results. 

2. Run Re-Engagement Email Marketing Campaigns.

One of the most effective ways to engage your email subscribers is to run a re-engagement email marketing campaign, where you particularly target the segments of your audience that are unengaged with an automated email campaign series.

Re-engagement campaigns are personalized for your audience. They are targeted to reach unengaged segments of your audience while avoiding sending email to your engaged readers with a topic that is not of interest to them.

Utilizing a strong automated email campaign tool, you will be able to segment your audience based on clicks, opens, etc. from a particular time period.

3. Find Your Brand Voice.

The majority of nonprofits and organizations create a brand voice and personality which they usually maintain when writing and designing emails in their email campaigns.

You can define your brand voice as your organization’s personality, attitude, and values. Your brand voice is the persona you utilize to communicate with your subscribers. 

4. Encourage Subscribers to Participate in Referral Programs.

People love referral programs because it usually provides them with the opportunity to spread word about the organization they support. It is interesting to know that referral marketing generates 3 to 5 times more conversion rates than any other channel. A lot of volunteers from nonprofits and organizations usually invite their friends and family to join through referral programs. 

In utilizing a referral program, you will be certain that the referral process works. By offering supporters the chance to spread the good news about your organization, you will certainly receive more engaged subscribers that are interested in what you have to offer because of word-of-mouth recommendations. 

5. Quickly Respond to Enquires, Requests and Complaints.

The people who are keenly interested in your organization usually ask questions via email. They usually have questions concerning the programs you created, or maybe they are experiencing some problems and require assistance. 

Utilizing a help desk tool or a live chat that quickly responds to people enquires, requests and complaints can effectively convert idle subscribers into a reliable one. 

If you are able to assist subscribers in solving their problems as quickly and easily as possible, they will continually engage with your brand.


Once you apply these effective strategies, it will become easier to write interesting and engaging emails that help build solid relationships with your subscribers.

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