Successful Ways to Drive Organic Traffic to Your Landing Page

Successful Ways to Drive Organic Traffic to Your Landing Page

A landing page primary function is to gather information from a visitor with the use of a form. Every single data on the page should be an incentive to prompt visitors to fill out of the form. You could have several pages on your website with forms to gather information, but then again, if that page has no other purposes, it is not regarded as a landing page. An effective landing page will give information about a particular offer and direct visitors to take action by completing the sign up form.

How to Drive Organic Traffic to Your Landing Page.

If you have your landing page ready and want to learn successful ways to drive organic traffic, this effective tips will be very helpful.

1. Add Call to Action on Your Homepage.

Instead of placing a form on your homepage that receives traffic, adding a call to action button that directs visitors to one of your finest offers can successfully drive new visitors to your landing page.

2. Add Call to Action on Your Blog.

Your blogs are possibly the pages that ranks in search results. Adding a call to action that directs visitors to a related offer should be placed on your blogs. If there are smart content on your website, you will be able to design personalized calls to action that is active on your blog and cycle through, contingent on who the real visitor is. Content personalization is a great way to successfully increase traffic from your main website to your landing pages. 

3. Add Call to Action on Popular Pages.

It is recommended that you add a call to action in your article, blog post or any page that contain useful information on your website; these pages are already receiving a lot of traffic. Adding a call to action on these pages will successfully turn some of your visitors into potential leads.

4. Utilize Email Marketing.

In utilizing email marketing to send out emails to your present leads, ensure that you send clicks from email messages to a specific landing page and not to your home page. You should know that these are already qualified leads and requires no much encouragement to successfully convert. You can as well send blog posts including linked calls to action that are specially targeted to an individual. This action will make it more likely for them to click through. 

5. Build Existing Leads.

When you send out personalized messages that are targeted to the lead’s point in your sales cycle, you gradually build a relationship with that lead and increase your reliability. You will spend less amount of time succeeding each lead and more time sealing the deal once the lead is set.

6. Utilize Facebook Landing Pages.

The essence of Facebook landing pages is to help direct your social media visitors back to your website and to purchase your offers. When an offer on Facebook is presented, do not direct your social media visitors to your home page, instead direct them to a specific landing page to capture their lead. In offering something that complements whatever the visitor clicked on Facebook, they are more likely to remain on your page and until they convert. 

7. Utilize Social Media Sharing.

We advise that you share your offer by sending out a link to a landing page with a specific message to all of your family, friends, fans, and followers. If it is a great offer, you will possibly receive a few shares from your audience which will help broaden your reach. Although it can be quite irresistible to always post to every social media network, think about taking the time to discover what offers are most relevant to a particular platform’s audience, which can really increase engagement and leads.

8. Direct Your Visitors to A Thank You Page.

If a visitor completes an offer, ensure that you have a thank you page recommending at least one other related offer that the visitor would find interesting. A thank you page does not really have to be a landing page. Connecting your visitors to informational blog posts that is in line with their persona does a great job in keeping them engaged; and also helps keep your brand top of their mind while building a relationship with them. You can apply the same procedure with a follow-up email.

9. Create Compelling Calls to Action.

The key to successfully driving traffic to your landing page is by taking advantage of calls to action on your blogs, emails, and social media as part of inbound marketing strategy. On the other hand, except these calls to action are compelling in their content and design, your results will be less effective. Always tweak everything on your landing pages, from your headlines to the color of your buttons in order to discover what works best for your audience.

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Landing pages does a great job in helping you successfully track your visitors. They do more than just tracking clicks and page views, but also helps in gathering information about the visitors like where they are coming from and who is filling out the form.

By carefully examining what methods and offers are performing well, you will be able to find out who is converting to enable you concentrate your efforts more effectively in the future. If you are just discovering about the effectiveness of landing pages and want to learn more, you might be interested in Effective Ways to Create a Landing Page That Converts.


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