How to Effectively Convert Your Blog Visitors to Potential Customers

How to Effectively Convert Your Blog Visitors to Potential Customers

If you own a blog and want to start making money with it, it is essential you learn how to effectively convert your visitors to potential customers. In this guide, you will discover how to take advantage of your blog traffic in order to start making sales.

Blogging is exciting particularly if you are passionate about it. On the other hand, it can be quite tasking especially is you are trying to achieve a goal. Nevertheless, it is essential to fix your mind on the big picture in order to avoid getting discouraged by the process. Always remind yourself why you started your blogging journey; to build a business that provides value to people.

Here are some effective ways to convert your blog visitors to potential customers.

1. Reveal Genuine Reviews and Testimonials.

People deserve to know the kind of brand they are transacting with. As a brand owner, you cannot claim the product or service you provide is top-quality without providing genuine social proof. Social proof makes you appear more trustworthy.

Revealing social proof is important because 90% of customers read up to 10 online reviews before purchasing a product or service from a brand. Furthermore, approximately 60% of customers take notice of the overall rating of the brand.

2. Start a Survey.

Starting a survey helps you meet your reader’s expectations. It gives you a better insight on what they want. Given that surveys collects people’s personal information; it will help you know your readers better and in turn help you write something they would be interested in. Surveys let you get genuine honest opinions.

One of the simplest way to survey your readers is to ask them about the topics they want to learn about in your comments section.

3. Add Definite Call-to-action.

After your readers have gone through your posts, what definite action do you want them to take?

Call-to-action are essential parts of your blog because they help increase your conversion rate. They help you achieve your business goals.

We recommend you add several call-to-action on each page of your blog and set them in highly noticeable locations so that your readers can easily notice them. If you decide to use a button call-to-action, make sure that the color of the button is the same as the color of your web page.

4. Improve Your Content Readability.

It is not every visitor that completely reads your content. Some may just read some pieces and while others may simply glance through.

According to a study, about 20% of your online visitors read every single word on your page. Mostly, people glance through to find pieces of information that interests them.

Your content should visually appeal to visitors in order to encourage them to read. Your content should attract people to read, and not make then quickly leave your page. Content that are easily scannable allows readers quickly understand your marketing message which encourages them to convert.

5. Make Use of Case Studies.

Case studies are quite similar to online reviews and testimonials, in the sense that they also provide social proof. They encourage readers to trust your products or services by revealing how you solved your audience’s problems.

Gain visuals by producing videos of your case studies in the place of using plain blog posts. Create slide presentations for your case studies.

6. Start A Retargeting Campaign.

Retargeting which is also regarded as remarketing is an advertising strategy that aids people that visited your website.

Usually what occurs is that a pixel or cookie is added to your visitor’s browser to enable your ads to be shown to them the following time they browse the web. Your ads will be a reminder of their current contact with your blog.

Retargeting basically provides you a second opportunity to attract readers to transact with your brand. The opportunity for a purchase to occur is high due to the fact that they are already acquainted with your brand.

7. Avoid Being Too Salesy.

The last thing your blog visitors need is to be sold to. Yes, people are eager to buy products and services online, but do not turn off an interested visitor by being too salesy.

Trust me, you will still be able to sell your product or service by not being too salesy. Concentrate on providing valuable content that educates people. Provide professional advice, practical tips, and methods that they can apply in their everyday lives.

Make sure to always let your readers know how they can gain from your product or service. Show the advantages, and not simply the features.


Finally, to effectively convert your blog visitors to potential customers, you need to learn to adopt a strong business mindset that does not lose track of the big picture.

Begin implementing these strategies to provide values to your visitors and in turn generate more sales.

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