How to Choose the Perfect Domain Name for Affiliate Marketing

How to Choose the Perfect Domain Name for Affiliate Marketing

It is vital to come up with a good domain name when starting up your affiliate marketing business. Although you can create a brand name with your real name like what most successful affiliate marketers do, however it is highly recommended that choose a suitable domain name that relates to your niche.

When choosing the perfect domain name for affiliate marketing, you should consider the following;

1. Simplicity.

The length of the domain name of your affiliate marketing website should not be more than 16 characters, and without hyphens. The longer your domain name is, the harder it will be for people to remember. Try am much as possible to keep your domain name related to your niche, so that when people or search engines comes across it, they can easily tell what your website is all about. Also try to avoid hyphens as much as possible for it tends to reduce the authority or credibility of the domain.

2. Make Your Domain Name Remarkable.

Some reputable companies like Google, Amazon, Fanatics, Airbnb and Uber are easy to remember and have built a strong brand. This can be hard for someone just starting up because most 4 and 5 letter domains for .com domains have already been taken. There is an opportunity of seizing one of alternative TLDs (top level domains) if it can be joined in an attractive way, but the thing is that people may include .com at the end of it. If it is difficult to discover a .com domain within your niche, it means that the competition in your niche is relatively high.

3. Avoid Being Too Trendy.

When choosing the perfect domain name, avoid being too trendy. Those kinds of domains lose popularity quite fast. The domains that provide value are usually those that are easy to understand. They are names that people may type in their address bar when searching for those products and service you are offering.

4. Do Not Use Brand Names in The Domain Name, Unless It Is Yours.

Including a particular brand in the domain name normally results to lawsuit. Recommendation of products to be sold on your affiliate website is usually a good option as long as they are not trademarked.

5. Is Your Business Location Added to Your Domain Name?

If you have started generating good leads for a local real estate company or a law firm, you should consider making use of the location in your affiliate domain name selection; for instance, or Location included in your domain name help you ranking better in search results for the location.

The words utilized in your domain can be influenced by a number of factors and the tips mentioned above are advisable to begin with. Always remember these useful tips as you come up with your ideal domain. Create a list and search for similar terms. Always search for a domain name that will stick in people’s mind and be friendly with the search engines.

Majority of them may complement your industry or niche. Some examples are .club, .bargains, .directory, .shop, .art, .photography and .gift which performs great in several niches. Other top level domains have an in-built association such as:

  1. .org – mostly for non-profits and non-commercial organizations.
  2. .co – mostly associated with companies.
  3. .net – the common choice normally associated with tech.
  4. .biz – for business and e-commerce websites.
  5. .info – for informational and educational websites.
  6. .blog – mostly for bloggers.
  7. .design – for website design organizations and communities.

A great affiliate marketing website can be a well-founded informational website with valuable products and service reviews. They can also be news websites that offers the latest news about a specific niche. They can as well be educational websites guiding visitors on how to utilize several industry products.

When choosing the perfect domain name for your affiliate marketing business, the first thing you should do is to decide what niche would be an interest to you, and what part of the niche you plan to cover. This is just the first step to get you started. Do not limit yourself to only one domain name; as a matter of fact, several people purchase multiple domains and use them to create websites within a niche. They will certainly make profit when selling them off because they purchased the domain name before the competition in that niche became relatively high.

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